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Best Destinations To Visit With Family

Every family needs to spend some quality with each other, as in this extremely busy lifestyle, they hardly get time to talk. The family vacation is the best option to get connected and know more about each other. If you are looking for some great options to travel abroad well, we have covered that for you. From Kenya's wildlife to amazing theme parks in Dubai, there are so many family-friendly destinations that you can consider while planning your trip. We have jotted down few options below, check it out:



Dubai has endless options for both children and kids to enjoy their travel. There are few top destinations which you just can’t afford to miss. Firstly, go and hang out with penguins, you kids will love to do that. Penguins are very friendly and they even try to communicate. Another place is Ski Dubai, nowhere you can go skiing and enjoy the snow with your kids. Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping moments, if you have an adventurous type family. Dubai has so much to offer you, from panoramic view from Burj Khalifa to swimming with sharks a Dune bashing in the desert, your adventure can never end in Dubai.



Singapore is considered as the most popular destination for family travel. From the Universal studio, Sentosa Island to Singapore zoo is some must-visit destinations with family. For some extra fun, you can visit Singapore Flyer, Gardens of Bay and Jurong Bird Park with your kids. Don’t miss to take a family selfie with the iconic Merlion statue. The bumboat ride and a meal at any of the Clarke Quay’s family restaurant is a must.



Australia is filled with all sort of fun for kids as well as the adult. In one of the largest cities of Australia i.e Sidney go and visit Sidney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and Bondi Beach and have some extra fun. Don’t forget to meet the oldest Australian residence Koalas and Kangaroos at Taronga Zoo Sidney. Explore Seaworld, Dreamworld and Wet ‘n’ Wild in Gold Coast theme parks.



Kenya is an adventurous place and if your family is looking for some different kind of vacation then this is the right place for you. From wildlife parks and reserves to interacting with Maasai tribe who live peacefully with animals, you have so much to explore with kids. Don’t miss to see flamingos, interact with elephants and feed Rothschild’s giraffes. These are few things which make Kenya so popular among families and they love to visit this place.



For all the ages and all sorts of travelers, Switzerland is a family friendly place. Visit the biggest fountain in Geneva at Jet d’Eau, an urban park at Jardin Anglais and St. Beatus Cave. There are so many places that you won’t get be in Switzerland. To enjoy indoor and outdoor playground where you can have fun in water play area, laser shows and go-karts go and visit Jungfrau Park. Switzerland has so much in its bag to give you, you just need to visit the place to explore it.

So these are few family-friendly destinations where you can enjoy with your kids and make unforgettable memories. And for booking your family vacation package get connected with JourneyCook and we assure you that you are going to get best prices.

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Spain – Best Places To Visit In July

Spain is a dream holiday for many travelers as it offers glorious weather, gorgeous nature, fascinating surf, varieties of cuisines and interesting cities. The best part that travelers love about Spain is that you can travel between cities and towns very easily, which gives you the liberty to explore many cities and towns on your one Visit to Spain.

Well, if you are planning a trip to this extremely captivating country in the month of July than we have especially jotted down a list of places you must go and visit in Spain (July).



The home to Mezquita in Cordoba which is among the largest mosque in Europe. The main attraction in the month of July is Festival de la Guitarra which features classical guitar, flamenco, and blues. It’s so worthy to visit this town when in Spain during summers.



Madrid is worth visiting in the month of July, as it always has something to offer the travelers. The Feast of Virgen del Carmen offers water fight and it’s a Saint’s Day and the Veranos da la Villa is an art and music festival which you can enjoy all the summers in Madrid. July is also the season to see the longest bullfight in Spain.



Well if you are thinking of visiting Spain in July than you just can’t miss the 8 days San Fermin festival which is held in Pamplona. It’s all about the running of bull, in this festival every morning, thousands of festive foreigners and courageous locals run in front of 6 angry bulls. And during this festival, everyone enjoys a lot and party all the time. It’s a mandate to visit this place in July when you are in Spain.



In July Bilbao is a perfect place to visit with lots of events. If you have very good stamina, you can go for a night trip to nearest places and party all night. Another is BBK Live music festival which you can’t miss for sure and Jazzaldia festival is another one which is nearby San Sebastian, where you can reach easily from Bilbao even on public transportation. There are many more events which are in the town as well as near Bilbao. So you can attend many of them when in Spain.

These 4 places are the main destinations when you are planning to visit Spain in the month of July because these places organize some very interesting festivals and we bet you can’t afford to miss any of them. Don’t worry about the traveling to one city to another because that’s very convenient in Spain. Train, buses and if you have a car, then traveling is not a big issue there.

Try to visit all the 4 cities and enjoy all the events running at that time. And for booking your reasonable vacation package, you can contact JourneyCook, as they are the experts in booking perfect holiday packages. You will be happy to avail their services and they will assist you will full patience and surely going to solve your every travel query.

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Guide To Get Cheap Flight Tickets For Any Destination

For many travelers, the expensive traveling cost has made traveling a dream but you can use some tricks to save money. It is said that if you are a good traveler you should know all the ways to make your travel affordable and hassle free and if you don’t have any idea regarding this than your half knowledge is useless.

Those who have the love of travel but due to high expenses they close their travel dreams into a dark box, well they should definitely go through the guide we will be sharing with you soon. There are plenty of mind full tips and tricks that can surely make all the travelers pocket happy and boost their traveling interest.

air ticket

Go for one way instead of round trip

We know that you won’t be agreeing with this thought but trust us, grabbing two one way tickets will cost you less than round trip. It has been seen plenty of time that at the time of departure the price of airline gets down, so you get the discount if you choose this option as well as the flexibility to travel. Whereas you need to follow the timings when you go for round trip and obviously you won’t be getting the discount at the time of departure because you have already paid for the round trip.

Research can also help

Any sort of research never gets wasted, trust yourself and do your research. Before planning any trip to abroad, do deep research about the places which are less expensive and how much you have to pay to book the air flights to reach the destination. After comparing all the aspect than choose the most fascinating one.


Book the affordable airline

There are websites which offer best deals on the flight as well, one of them is JourneyCook, and they are best in giving you ultimate vacation package with affordable flights on your package. So it’s better not to search so much and waste your time, just contact them and they will be your travel advisor, the one who only thinks of customers welfare.

Flexibility with schedule

The main focus when you travel should be on how to save money on your travel. Flexibility can cost you less, as you can check at what time the airfare is getting cheaper and choose that time to book your flight. So it’s better o take the flight at the flexible time.

Keep checking frequently

We all know it’s very hard to book flights and we have that one friend who always guides us regarding travel portals where you can get the most affordable prices. But sometimes due to some technical problem or timing issues the prices get high when you check it, don’t get upset or worried, keep on checking because after an hour the rate gets lower and that is the time when you have to grab the opportunity and buy it.

These tricks will surely be going to help you to save a lot on your travel. So, consider them when you book your flights next time.

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Things To Know About Solo Travel In Thailand

Well said by someone “If you never go you will never know”

So with this thought, it’s advisable to go for a solo travel once in your life to experience the thrill that will surely be going to make you feel alive. Thailand can be the best choice if you are planning to go for solo travel for the first time.

We know sometimes people get scared when they heard about solo travel and the foremost thing that comes to the mind is that “solo traveling is safe or not”. Well, not to worry it is very easy and safe if you consider few things. Here are some points which you should know when solo traveling to Thailand for the first time.


Thailand is very affordable

As Thailand is the famous destination to travel in the world, it is very affordable as well. It’s a proven fact that when you find everything so pocket-friendly, you automatically tend to stay for a longer period of time. Thailand trip can be so affordable for solo travelers as there will be rooms to stay at a very low price and don’t have to share it with anyone.

Thailand is a Paradise for Solo travel

It is said that Thailand is the best country in the world to travel alone. Now you must be thinking why it is said so? Well, one reason is that endless tourists travel to this paradise and most of them are solo travelers, therefore you won’t feel alone at all and surely going to end up making some great travel friends.


It is safe for solo travelers

Yes, it is a very safe place for solo travelers. We all know that there is some sort of danger in every city and country and it’s totally up to us to be safe and follow some guidelines when traveling alone. Same goes for Thailand but yes as compared to other countries, it is far much safer than others.

Finding a beach is very easy

This paradise is very famous for beaches and as so many movies being shot there, it has gained a lot of love and attention. Because of such a great reputation, you are going to find the crowd on every beach. But wait! There is a secret that you should know, well if you are looking for your own little beach where there is not much crowd and you can find peace, the best way is to contact locals and ask them where the tranquil secret beach is. You just need to see your transportation to visit the secret beach.

These are few things that you must know before you plan solo traveling to Thailand. And for booking your trip JourneyCook can be your best friend. They are 24X7 available to assist you and will plan your itinerary as per your budget and travel requirements. You just need to visit the website and choose the convenient way of communication like live chat, call or e-mail.

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Malaysian Islands You Must Visit For A Great Vacation

From stunning beaches, diverse culture and tropical rainforest Malaysia have become the love of every tourist. Because of colorful coral reefs and crystal clear waters, surfers and divers get attracted towards this place. The beauty of Malaysia makes it the most popular destination for every tourist as it has so much to offer.

This beauty is not only about diving and snorkeling or beaches, there are so many other things which you can’t miss to visit like, vibrant resorts, colonial villages, beautiful temples and adventurous sports. Today we are going to share some best Malaysian Island that you should visit for sure:

Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor

If you are looking to relax with nature then this is the place for you. Gorgeous beaches, quiet atmosphere, sightseeing attractions and adventurous activities like jet skiing, banana boating, swimming at night etc. you have so much to try in this Island.

Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas

As the beach has soft white sand that is the reason why it is popularly known as Cotton Island. It is famous among scuba divers and snorkelers because it’s very beautiful and filled with plenty of marine life. It’s a blessing for divers as they will be witnessing the beauty of marine life and will see so many species as well.



The tourist who loves to visit the place that still has some historic influence, this is the place for them. Penang is the colorful and largest island that has the strong heritage with cultural diversity and very famous cuisine. When you are visiting this Island don’t forget to take a rickshaw ride that will give you the chance to see the colonial buildings with gorgeous temples and very impressive hotels. Visitors have so much to do here like, capturing the photographs of snakes in snake temple, doing shopping, horse riding on the beach and many more.

Pulau Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol

The feeling of being in your own tropical Island is beyond any other feel and this is what the Island offers you. The island was uninhibited but now you can see some hotels here. Gorgeous white sand beach surrounded by tropical forest is the beauty of the Island. It’s a paradise for scuba divers and fishermen.


For expert divers, it is the most famous and loved destination. The Island is filled with beautiful marine species like the sea turtle, reef fish, and hammerhead sharks. Due to the protection of species, this area has become a little protected and all the resorts are closed which were situated in the Island. But divers don’t have to worry as it is opened for them and can still soothe their eyes with gorgeous marine life.

These are some very popular and must-visit Island in Malaysia. When you are planning to visit the place don’t forget to explore at least one or two from the above mentioned Islands. And for booking your ultimate vacation package you don’t have to explore much as we have the solution for that as well. JourneyCook can be your travel advisor and will book your vacation package as per your budget as well as requirements.